Welcome back.

The new year has started.  I’ve been pretty busy so far but it has been nice to get into the swing of things. Teaching. Dancing. Teaching. Dancing.

As some of you know I injured my ankle and have been on and off dancing on it for almost a year now.  It is something that may need a lot of rest, which I obviously do not have the time for.  I am getting back into the craziness now dancing on it too often and teaching too much.  To be honest it feels old.  I feel like I may be turning 30 in a week.

Speaking of 30, it’s not really happening.  I am staying 26 for the rest of my life.  And my body will listen to what I say!

Anyway, here is some amazing dancing love coming your way…


The beginning is always the hardest…

Once you get past it the rest is history.

Finding my job at the moment to be lacking in creativity.  I think it may partly be attempting to do it in the tiniest of spaces.  A NYC apartment. I need to move and grow and travel.  I know I should be able to create anywhere, I almost find it easiest on the subway, but I am currently just failing.  I tend to force myself to stop and do something else when I feel that my work is becoming mediocre, however I don’t want to run out of time.  These things have deadlines.

As an artist, what do you do when the creativity isn’t flowing?  You can’t force it.

I guess I just need more practice.

So on another note, it is perhaps, the best month of the year.  Although, I promised not to be excited about it until my hubmuffin comes home. Until then I have only put up some Halloween decorations and thought about all of the fun stuff we will do on his arrival. (10 more days if your counting)

Well I can only let this little procrastination last so long.  I must start looking for some inspiration.



Dancing is Hard

Whenever my kids are complaining about a step or choreography I tell them “dancing is hard”.  If it were easy everyone would do it right?  Well, this week I have really felt the truth of that statement. I have been trying to get back into the dance world in a different way than I ever have been before.  Teaching master classes, taking classes that aren’t the usual or are not necessarily my style and auditioning for whatever comes up that I can make it to.  With all of these things the body mind can really take a beating. It’s hard to remember all of the good things and easy to get down on yourself. From not picking up choreography fast enough, to getting cut from an audition or always comparing yourself to others. I understand how people can decide to take an easy way out.  But you have to tell yourself you can do it because you love it and the passion for it is so strong.  I am just trying to keep positive and know that all of this is a learning experience and though it may not feel like it, it will make me so much better in the long run.

While it can be difficult, there are many fun and rewarding times also!

I get to teach sassy children fun combinations!


and have dance parties with 7 year olds!


I get to learn from people who are amazing at what they do and I am constantly growing as an artist and a person.  That’s what it’s all about.

You’re right, it does pretty much rock being a dancer..

Where have I been?

Living life I suppose you could say. Last time I was here there was a huge snow storm and now we are in the middle of a heat wave.  Hello Summer! To sum up my life so far.. Teaching dance class, taking dance class, choreographing for dance class.  There were some relaxing times thrown in there too don’t get me wrong. There have been visits to London..Image

Trips to Boston, Atlantic City, the Lake house,

P11409322013-07-05 20.37.05

weddings, recitals, birthdays, christenings and so many babies!  154397_10101958948722901_1322367120_n

(Oh yeah and a pretty major haircut!)

Now that the year has started to die down and summer is happening I have had more down time and just time for myself to do whatever I please.  Which means I’m super fun to be around. No really just ask my husband.

Lately, I’ve been teaching master classes all over the place and I have been having a blast meeting and working with so many new and wonderful dancers!



I am super excited about all of my new adventures and will hopefully be sharing more with you!

Post Nemo Sights

I know it’s been awhile, but this will just be a quick post (or will it?)

I hope you all managed okay with the storm and definitely hope you got to stock up on your junk food and booze.  I know how horrible it can be to be stuck inside all night without 25lbs of cookies/chips/chocolate. 

This is funny.  Watch it.


Today was such a beautiful day I decided to venture out into the snow for a long walk.  Since we live so close to such an amazing park I thought it would be crazy to miss out on all of this snow.


But first I decided to scrape off our car and see how she was doing.


(Not too bad.)

Just so you all know igloves (special gloves to use when you are on your phone and it’s cold) are not very useful for cleaning off your car.  I may have lost a few fingers.  No big deal.  Some creepy guys stopped by and offered to help shovel me out but I politely didn’t want to pay them said no thank you.  I’m sure I may regret this on Monday.

After about an hour of cleaning off the car (j/k it was only about half) I finally got walking.  It literally was so beautiful out.  I wish J was here with me to witness it.2013-02-09_15-36-41_205edit2013-02-09_15-11-09_894carl

We are so lucky to live where we live.


And I am so lucky that I had 2 older brothers who taught me not to eat the yellow snow.  I only remember because of the song. So lucky.


There were a million people out sledding and just walking and snowmen everywhere.  And someone made this…


I’m also lucky that I am not running at the moment because I probably would’ve tried to go today and fell on my butt.  More than once.  Still, it was a pretty great day.


So if anyone would like to, you know, come and shovel the car out (for free) I won’t stop you. In the meantime I will be enjoying the rest of my weekend trying to rest up so I can harass teach the kiddos on Monday. And catching up on my PLL. If you don’t know what that is it’s probably a good thing.

And I am still waiting for someone to bring me a pound of swedish fish.



New Christmas Presents and recipe!

So I have been so excited to try out all of my new workout clothes and gear.  My brother gave me this awesome New Balance towel that is supposed to cool you off after your workout and is pretty much the coolest thing ever. It’s been pretty chili after my runs so I will have to save it for gym time.  I still haven’t used my Garmin since Christmas because it has been too cold and snowy outside, but I ‘m hoping I can again soon.  Because of the weather (snow in December?  What?!) I have had to use the treadmill at the gym. Lame. I know, I hate the treadmill too.  I just like to be running somewhere. Towards something.  I get antsy.  And Claustrophobic.  But I was excited to wear my new outfit.

2012-12-28 17.06.20

My other brother gave me this sweet under armour zip up which is literally the best material ever! It’s so soft and is supposed to keep you nice and warm outside.  I wore it to the gym because I just couldn’t wait.  The pants are from his girlfriend and they are also under armour and in my fave color!  She already knows me pretty well. I know, I’m super lucky.  I told you I got awesome Christmas presents this year.  However, my new stuff did not help improve my bevel.  I’ll work on it,

I also got this zip up Champions jacket from Target and I have literally been living in it!  24/7. It is the most comfortable thing ever.  And it’s super cute! You wouldn’t be able to tell from this terrible photo but it is. Trust me,


Sorry about the Horrible Instagram Photo

After a quick 7 miles at the gym and walking back home in the freezing cold, I thought about how I could put one of my new baking Christmas presents from J to use.   I thought back (to the best holiday ever) and remembered how much he liked these pumpkin cookies.  So I did what I could with what I had.2012-12-28 21.19.06

I mixed half of the yellow cake mix with 3/4 of the can of pumpkin and 1 1/2 cups of chocolate chips and a Tbs of Cinnamon.  Poured evenly into this cute little Christmas mini bread loaf kind of pan and baked at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes.


The imprints on the pan didn’t work out so well, so I will have to find something else to bake in there.  Maybe more of a bready type substance.

Anyway, these are perfect right out of the oven when they are still warm and gooey.  Literally such an easy things to make.  Waiting for J to get home from his get to get the official taste test.

I may or may not have gone to target today and used a gift card from Christmas slash bought the whole store slash why are their groceries so much cheaper than anywhere else?  I got some pretty sweet deals on Christmas chocolate stuff, everything was 50 percent off!  IMG_20121229_212530


I also may have picked up some monster trail mix.  The peanut butter chips are key.  So is the fact that the trail mix is mostly just chocolate and candy and nothing too nutritious.

It’s okay, I took two dance classes today.  I also had a lunch date in the city with my Hubmiester.  We ate salad.


Christmas at the Lake

It’s been awhile and I thought that Christmas would be a good place to recap.  This year was a pretty good Christmas.

Me and J spent the weekend having our own Christmas just the two of us before getting together with the family.  We celebrated on Sunday morning by opening our stockings in bed with coffee then the rest of our gifts after breakfast.


I’m not going to lie I really got the best present in the entire world.  Like literally.  The best.

Mostly all J got from me was clothes.  I know, so romantic. He tried to fool me by getting me a ton of little presents so I would think I wasn’t getting much, but it didn’t work because I loved everything! One of my favorites was a giraffe usb flash drive.  So cute.  But the best one of all was…..can you guess?…

IMG_20121224_162949How did you know?  I have seriously been wanting a Garmin 305 for ages and J got me the upgrade, a 410!  I know I haven’t been good enough to deserve it but for some reason J still loves me!  I couldn’t wait to take it for it’s first spin but since we were up at the Lake that night I didn’t get a chance for a run right away.  It had to be a walk.  I was a little bratty disappointed about it but so excited to use it! I even used my nike+ app to try and compare the two.  They were actually pretty off.  I’m not sure if it is because of the satellites and the gps in the mountains/trees.  But I took it for a 6.75 mile run on Christmas in the snow and it was wonderful!  They both lined up a little more that time.  I still have a lot to learn about it and syncing and all that but definitely the best present ever!

I spent a lot of the Sunday day baking and getting ready to have family Christmas up at the lake.  I haven’t really ever baked for Christmas before (without my mom) so it was stressful fun to do it this year.  I mostly made a lot of candy because that is the least time consuming and what I like best (obviously).  My favorite is the peanut brittle!collage

There was so much that I wanted to make and didn’t get a chance to!  Maybe next year.  We drove Sunday night so that we were there for Christmas Eve.  We had a “relaxing” day and then went to mass that night.  On Christmas I went for my run and then the rest of the family arrived that afternoon. We opened our gifts with some wine and cheese before we ate dinner.collagetree

I definitely got all of the best gifts this year.  So much running/gym gear it makes a girl wanna work out more.  Or just hang out on the couch eating chocolate in all my comfy workout clothes.

Honestly though, the best part of Christmas was just hanging out with everyone, telling that’s what she said jokes, being funny, drinking wine, playing Uno and hanging out by the best fire ever woodstove.  Big shout out to my mom and dad for letting us hang out with them at their awesome lake house, and to my mom for making such amazing food for us to eat!


Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!