We had our first day off after a 6 day 12 show week.  It felt so good and was so needed.  We went to the farm of the guy that trains the horse in our show!  It was so much fun.  We got to visit with all of the horses and ride on Sunny!!  I loved them all!!  And I wanted to take them home.  It was also just nice to get away!  

On a less positive note, watched the Vicky Secret fashion show today and it reminded me that I want to be skinnier.  I start my crunches/diet now.  Or maybe tomorrow.

5 more days and I am home for a little vacation and I cant wait to see the Rockettes!


It’s been awhile.

I have been so exhausted physically and mentally from doing the Christmas Show so often!  I love my job but sometimes it hurts too much!!  It’s weird to be doing a Christmas Show so early before Christmas but today is finally Thanksgiving!  Tonight we have a big dinner with the whole cast and crew and I cant wait.  What an amazing gift for people not even celebrating the day to give to us.  

I honestly do feel so grateful for the things I have in my life.  My family and friends.  I get to meet new people all of the time with my job and it brings great people into my life!  And sometimes continues to keep bringing them back again and again!  I am also thankful for having the most amazing husband, even if he is far away.  Someone I can always turn to, a best friend when i need one most!  I couldn’t have married anyone more perfect!  And no matter how much I complain I am so happy that I am able to go into work and do what I love every single day!  It may make us tired and hurt but we are the luckiest people ever!

Ready to go dance and eat some turkey!!!!!!

End of Dancing Queen

We finished Dancing Queen just last night and everyone was celebrating.  I think I am really going to miss dancing this show.It was just so much fun and tons of different styles. I am so glad that my mother was able to make it to see before we closed though.  We had a short but good time when she visited, chatting and trying to catch up as fast as possible.  I love how the audience reacts to the show (DQ) and wonder if it will be the same for Christmas. I am a little excited to start Christmas and wonder if it will be more difficult than DQ, at least if anything, more cardio. We will be doing 2 shows a day for most of the run which i hope will make me more fit!!!  We will see!  I love being able to dance so much, it feels good to be doing what I love!

You can dance…

It’s been about a week of performing Dancing Queen and my body is already knackered.  My brain is a little bit also.  It feels so good to be onstage again in front of any audience that actually wants to be there and loves the show, but I really need to get it together… To start having better shows.  I have been performing someone else’s track for a few numbers and it feels good to be in more of the show even though my foot has been killing me lately.  Hopefully by the time we start the Christmas show it will feel better.  Headed off to another show, Maybe tonight will be the night I get Waterloo perfect.