The beginning is always the hardest…

Once you get past it the rest is history.

Finding my job at the moment to be lacking in creativity.  I think it may partly be attempting to do it in the tiniest of spaces.  A NYC apartment. I need to move and grow and travel.  I know I should be able to create anywhere, I almost find it easiest on the subway, but I am currently just failing.  I tend to force myself to stop and do something else when I feel that my work is becoming mediocre, however I don’t want to run out of time.  These things have deadlines.

As an artist, what do you do when the creativity isn’t flowing?  You can’t force it.

I guess I just need more practice.

So on another note, it is perhaps, the best month of the year.  Although, I promised not to be excited about it until my hubmuffin comes home. Until then I have only put up some Halloween decorations and thought about all of the fun stuff we will do on his arrival. (10 more days if your counting)

Well I can only let this little procrastination last so long.  I must start looking for some inspiration.





I baked again..

One of my September goals was to bake something with pumpkin.  Cross that off the list {That, and only that}.  I have never really had a lot of pumpkin flavored things so I am trying something new.  I decided on some bread!  I used the pumpkin bread with pepitas recipe from skinnytaste.




I must say it came out pretty fantastic!  I of course had to add some dark chocolate chunks into it because everything tastes better with chocolate.  I’m still awaiting the arrival of the hubman from work so he can give the approval {and tell me to stop making up words}.

My mom is coming down tomorrow so we can go see some dancing at New York City Center.  Hopefully I can get her to eat some of this bread so I don’t scarf it down all by myself!

SO far I think I like this pumpkin thing!  Next up..  Apples.