First run in London.

We made it to London!  After a long 3 hour delay sitting on the plane, we are here.  I am completely Jet-lagged but wanted to take advantage of the fact that it was not raining today and take a run.  I ran a few loops around Ealing Common and then back up and around Haven Green.  It was not too sunny so I had a nice breeze and manage the extremely large hill back up to the house.  It was not as bad as I expected, although I did feel like I might have puked at the top.  Here are some of the London sights!

Also, we had a visit from my most favorite niece today!!  Baby Emilia stopped by, was tired, but we finally got to meet and hold her for the first time!!


Last walk in Highbridge Park…

I was feeling a binge coming on so instead me and the Hubby decided to go for a late night walk.  It was nice to get out even with the crazy heat!  We found this nice little open space on a trail!  Love a picture of him rocking his goatee!

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Riverbank State Park

This morning I ran to another of the many parks in Manhattan.  Maybe I will run through all of them before I am done!  I ran 5.13 miles in 45 minutes.  Not the fastest ever, but an average of 8.45 minutes a mile.  Not too shabby and I am trying to get faster.  It was amazing to run alongside the river and to see all the amazing views but I could have done with out all of the uphill!!!  

Afterwards we had brunch with a friend and then went to check out the Intrepid!  Pretty nice day so far!

Here is a view from my run!