Welcome back.

The new year has started.  I’ve been pretty busy so far but it has been nice to get into the swing of things. Teaching. Dancing. Teaching. Dancing.

As some of you know I injured my ankle and have been on and off dancing on it for almost a year now.  It is something that may need a lot of rest, which I obviously do not have the time for.  I am getting back into the craziness now dancing on it too often and teaching too much.  To be honest it feels old.  I feel like I may be turning 30 in a week.

Speaking of 30, it’s not really happening.  I am staying 26 for the rest of my life.  And my body will listen to what I say!

Anyway, here is some amazing dancing love coming your way…


Cloisters, Renaissance, Birthdays..

Had a very fun exhausting weekend!

10495_10152154932770437_1085822484_n (1)

On Saturday my mom came down to the city and we went to NY city Center to see some dancing!  The overall performance was pretty great.  First, we went out to dinner (and dessert) at Seraphina’s and that was pretty amazing.  For dessert I ordered the chocolate soufflé topped with Nutella and vanilla ice cream on the side. (skipped telling you about dinner, clearly dessert is more important) Literally, the best thing I’ve ever tasted!  I have this crazy new love for anything chocolate.

After dinner we headed to the show.  We got to see Julliard, ABT performing Twyla Tharp Choreography, The Hong Kong Ballet and the Martha Graham Company.  We had seen the Twyla piece before and to be honest my favorite piece of the whole night was The Hong Kong Ballet.  The dancers were all ridiculously beautiful and I loved the music.  Amazing.

My mom stayed over and became our first overnight guest!!!


The next day we went over to our park next door to see the cloisters and there just happened to be a Renaissance Festival.  Our lucky day!  I unfortunately did NOT get to eat a big turkey leg and I was pretty disappointed.

We walked around the Cloisters first and J took lots of photos with his new birthday present that he wasn’t supposed to open yet.


The gardens were beautiful.



It was a really great weekend and I cant wait for my mom to come back for more visits!!!

I forgot to mention that it was J’s birthday on Tuesday and I was trying to make it a really special one because of the fact that we don’t get to spend many birthdays together on land.  It’s a whole nother experience. (Nother isn’t a word?) It was hard because Tuesday was my longest, latest night of work!  It was okay because I made his cupcakes the night before! These cupcakes!  SO good.  And then I made him breakfast in the morning.  He also still had pumpkin bread to finish!


 (my plan to fatten him up HAS to work!)

And because I couldn’t be home to make dinner and celebrate I put some stuff in the crockpot so he didn’t have to!  It was my first time using our crockpot (I know I’ve had it for ages) and it worked out really well!  I made a crazy mixture of chicken tacos.


Chicken, corn, black beans, and some salsa and spices. Throw it in a wrap and add some greek yogurt!  SO good and plenty of leftovers!!!  Thanks Patty!

It’s been pretty great, and I am so excited that October is here because that means fall and my birthday and most important Halloween!!!  I have been eating plenty of candy corn so don’t you worry.  I pick out the pumpkins..

What should I be for Halloween?  My girls have suggested fairy and princess.  I think that’s pretty lame so I am still searching for ideas and also, plans, so I can wear my costume somewhere other than my tiny apartment.  Please help.


Where to start…

I have been so busy lately since I have started teaching and setting choreography.  It’s only been two weeks but I am already feeling like I have been doing so much.   I am sad that I am missing out on performing jobs but I know that this will make me better.  I have also been dancing for myself a lot more lately and while my foot may not be liking it, I am!  I am loving taking class from Kristen Sudeikis.  If you are a dancer in NYC I completely recommend taking her as often as possible.  She mostly teaches at Peridance.  I have also been doing a lot of other really fun things.  Movies and walks/runs with J, Brunch with cousins!


Heather Graham? No, Kiera Knightley.  Whatever, she’s pretty.

The other day J and I went on the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway starting from the beginning and walking all the way at Battery Park! IMG_20120916_133110

Good old GW Bridge.

It was a good 15 miles and I almost cannot believe that we did it.  We almost stopped at 10 but decided we wanted to make it all the way to Battery Park.


And that we did.


I think we look good for having just walked 15 miles.  Other than that just been a dancing fool.  My mom sent me this pretty awesome cartoon that is actually perfect.

peanuts dance cartoon0001

I don’t know what you mean, that doesn’t sound like me at all.

I am getting pretty excited for the fact that Fall is here and that means Halloween! 


I cannot wait to decorate/dress up/celebrate my birthday!  And thankfully no one likes to take dance class on Halloween so I have the night off!  What should I be?! (I think I may be able to convince J to let me go trick-or-treating)

I have been having some pretty late nights and some really early mornings and I think I need some sleep but…… I am so excited for tomorrow.  Me and J are heading upstate (I can say that now that I live in the city) to visit the rents and go apple picking!  I will let you know how it goes.. Oh and soon I will be baking something pumpkin.  And probably something with apples. That’s all for now.


It’s been awhile

Did you miss me?

I have been busy.  My brain has been fried with choreography.  I have been teaching and setting competition numbers on some kiddos.  It’s been a little crazy.  It may just be a really long year.

Anyway, I haven’t been running so much lately, trying to give my body a break but I have been dancing a little more and working out in different ways,  More strength and low impact cardio.

Me and J have explored our city a little more.  We ventured back to the South Street Seaport.  A place we met up in when he was on the Explorer of the seas and I was living in Astoria.


It was a beautiful day we had lunch and some froyo along the water and then we walked to Battery park.  We got to relive the day J asked me to marry him.  And by that I mean we were harassed by men trying to sell us overpriced candy the whole time.





On the way back J got his picture taken with the wall street/charging bull.


Just Love Me.


We found the most perfect Christmas tree!  Can you tell I am excited about my birthday?!


Today J and I went for a quick 4 miler and we decided to try a bit of a different route.  I have been wanting to run these stairs ever since I first laid eyes on them.  And today I got my chance.



Look at him go!! (I gave him a head start)  It was midday and a little too hot for a run, but we made it through.

So, I officially start teaching on Monday and I am excited to start the year.  I promise I will try not to get too busy to update the blog!

Just Call Me Susie.

I am so proud of myself today!  I had and amazing food day!  This morning I had my usual breakfast and then for lunch some PB on an english muffin with bananas.


I couldn’t decide so that is some regular PB and some Peanut Butter and Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams.  Amazing.

I decided to take the day off from running to give my knees and feet a break so I did an upper body workout at the gym and then biked for 25 minutes.  It was nice to get some strength training in again, I have been leaving my muscles out since I’ve been running so much.  Hopefully I will be feeling it tomorrow!


Crazy ab sweat!

Tonight for dinner I made this amazing jumble of food..


and then I put it in a tortilla and made it a taco with some greek yogurt!


Ground turkey, red and green peppers, black beans, onions, salsa and some other spices mixed in there.  Delish.

After dinner, while J was at work I decided to try out some baking!  Since it was National Zucchini Day,  YES, apparently they have a day for everything, AND zucchini is my favorite, I decided to try out a zucchini bread.


I mixed a little of this Coconut Zucchini Bread recipe with this Zucchini Oatmeal Bread recipe.


It tasted amazing!!!  When J came home it was just about done so we will have full bellies before bed. But it was so good I can’t even believe it!  And it’s good for you because it has zucchini in it!  No but really, no butter, no oil.  It’s not bad.


 He liked it!!!

You wouldn’t even recognize me with all this cooking and baking!  Next time I will have to try it with some nuts or fruit or even chocolate!  We’ll see! {My sneaky plan to fatten J up is only just beginning!}

For now, it’s bedtime!


Great Day.

Today turned out to be such a good day!  Since J and I have been sick we haven’t been getting much sleep and we had a long sleep in today.  I basically woke up had my coffee and then went out to meet my BFF Kim in Times Square!  I haven’t seen her in awhile so it was great to catch up and have girl time. It was supposed to rain and thunderstorm all day, but it was hot and sunny!!  We had lunch, went walking lots around the city, stopped for a cool iced coffee (at DD of course) walked some more, and went purse shopping (don’t tell).


I bought this!  Cute right?

Afterwards, I went home and decided since it was so nice out to go for a run outside finally!  It has been 3 days since I have run and we have been pigging out like crazy using the excuse that we are sick.

Some examples of our gluttony.  Or should I say MY gluttony.  Yes, I did eat that whole pizza myself. 

SO I had a kind bar and I went running. I wanted to do a really long one until I got to about 5 miles and my foot died.  I had to basically walk run the rest of the way for a 6.5 miler.  Not the greatest.  I came home and put on the Olympic Opening Ceremonies!  I did some plank and side plank and stretched a little while I watched. I made some broccoli/onion omelette for dinner and had one of my favorite things… frozen grapes!

Yum!  Watched some more olympics, had some chocolate and waited for my hubby to come home!  Oh did I mention I came home to these tonight…

Amazing right?!