Double Digits, Updated website!

Did you notice my page looks different?!  I am posting from wordpress now.  Thought I would try it out.

So this weekend was pretty great.  On Friday me and J packed ourselves a picnic and went to the park to eat.  We are so lucky we are so close.  Have I told you yet that I make a mean sandwich?  Well, I do.  Now you know.

{Turkey, spinach, tomato, onion on whole wheat! I won’t give away my secret ingredient!}

Here comes the big news….

After J left for work I went for my run. I ran 10.3 miles!! Crazy I know!  Furthest ever!  I wasn’t planning on doing a long run it just happened.  I was doing my usual laps around Fort Tryon and went on forever!

See my Map!

I was dead afterwards.

But so excited I ran so far!  It’s just good to know that I can do it if I want to.

Moving on. Saturday was a pretty good day.  I woke up exhausted and swollen because I didn’t much sleep.  We had plans to meet with one of my really good friends from home for a drink in the afternoon.  She chose a really cool pub-type place called the Blind Tiger Ale House.

 They have a pretty extensive list of beer and I didn’t feel like looking at it so I just asked for an IPA.  I’m not really sure which one I drank, but the guy pretty much guaranteed that I would like it.  If I didn’t he was going to drink it himself and get me something different.  Sounded like an okay deal to me.   I really hope it was the Flying Dog Wildman because that’s the one with the coolest name on the menu.  It was pretty good.

Anyway, it was great seeing Mary, and she also invited our friend Molly who I haven’t seen for ages!  It was tons of fun catching up with everyone!

{This is a picture of the 3 of us when we were little.  

Yes, I am the pale one that clearly wasn’t allowed in the sun. Ever.}

After lunch I tried to go for an easy shorter run today after running so far yesterday, but my tummy wasn’t having any of it.  I ended up walking the whole time but still did 5.25 miles.  I’ve also been trying to get my push ups in every day! I did however, see/find someone else that runs with their tongue out, so that made me happy.  Or at least seem more normal.

Sunday I am hoping to have a relaxing day with the hubberino.  Hope everyone has a great weekend!