Things my mini dancers say…

“If you aren’t a teenager and you aren’t a mom then what are you?”

“It looks like you have no pants” – when doing rib isolations (9 year olds)

When asked where a particular  6 year old had been after weeks of being absent from class- “Oh you know, trips.”

“You should probably close the door because we make a lot of noise” 4 year olds (yes, yes you do make a lot of noise)

“You look too young to have a ring”

“I can’t picture you in a wedding dress, you look good in these kind of clothes.” (dance clothes)

“Did you know that Katie’s getting a new baby!  And she’s getting it today!”

“You’re even pretty without makeup!”

“My dad never does exercise so his belly is so fat.  Not as fat as a pig though”

Me: “You guys have such good memories!”  5yr old: “that’s because we don’t have alzheimers!”

“Are you a tomboy?” “I could just tell.”


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