Post Nemo Sights

I know it’s been awhile, but this will just be a quick post (or will it?)

I hope you all managed okay with the storm and definitely hope you got to stock up on your junk food and booze.  I know how horrible it can be to be stuck inside all night without 25lbs of cookies/chips/chocolate. 

This is funny.  Watch it.


Today was such a beautiful day I decided to venture out into the snow for a long walk.  Since we live so close to such an amazing park I thought it would be crazy to miss out on all of this snow.


But first I decided to scrape off our car and see how she was doing.


(Not too bad.)

Just so you all know igloves (special gloves to use when you are on your phone and it’s cold) are not very useful for cleaning off your car.  I may have lost a few fingers.  No big deal.  Some creepy guys stopped by and offered to help shovel me out but I politely didn’t want to pay them said no thank you.  I’m sure I may regret this on Monday.

After about an hour of cleaning off the car (j/k it was only about half) I finally got walking.  It literally was so beautiful out.  I wish J was here with me to witness it.2013-02-09_15-36-41_205edit2013-02-09_15-11-09_894carl

We are so lucky to live where we live.


And I am so lucky that I had 2 older brothers who taught me not to eat the yellow snow.  I only remember because of the song. So lucky.


There were a million people out sledding and just walking and snowmen everywhere.  And someone made this…


I’m also lucky that I am not running at the moment because I probably would’ve tried to go today and fell on my butt.  More than once.  Still, it was a pretty great day.


So if anyone would like to, you know, come and shovel the car out (for free) I won’t stop you. In the meantime I will be enjoying the rest of my weekend trying to rest up so I can harass teach the kiddos on Monday. And catching up on my PLL. If you don’t know what that is it’s probably a good thing.

And I am still waiting for someone to bring me a pound of swedish fish.