It’s the 1st of July…

Been in London about a week now and it has been crazy busy.  We have seen a lot of things and visited a lot of people.  We went to the Olympic site, but could only look from the outside as it was closed for rehearsals.  Still, it was nice to see where it will all be happening.  The weather has been pretty chilly here, not much like summer and it is already July!  Yesterday we attended a wedding party of a friend in Kent and the sun was shining!  Today we have a family barbecue for birthday celebrations and little Emilia! I am planning on wearing warm clothing since it is windy and rainy.  

The nice view I am lucky enough to have while drinking my afternoon coffee.  Don’t be fooled, I was showered with rain during my morning run.  It was more of a mid morning run due to some late night car trouble keeping us up til 2am but I won’t get into that.  My legs were feeling like lead, I have been so exhausted, however when that rain came down I did not need anymore motivation, I was in a full sprint.  Luckily I was already on my way back home and up the big hill (One day I will post a photo of the half a mile journey back to the house). I did still get in a good 5.5 miles though.