Things that inspire me today…

I am feeling inspired in this space that I am today.  So many extraordinary things around me that make me feel so happy that I thought I would share.

Everyday I am inspired by my wonderful husband who has been working so hard and all of his accomplishments with his music and songs.  I am so lucky to have him in my life everyday, even if only by skype or facebook.
Secondly, the beautiful dancers that I get to work with everyday that inspire and challenge me to be the best I can be and to constantly learn more and more.  I want to soak up everything everyone can teach me!  It is an unbelievable feeling to have the most amazing job that allows me to meet and work with such crazy, talented, incredible people from all over the world who are doing amazing things with their lives and that also allows me to be surrounded by such beautiful things and places in the world.  Feeling very grateful!

There’s no place like home…

Had such a great weekend at home that I thought I would post about it!  Got to go out with my dad for his birthday!  We went to an amazing restaurant called The Local (, in Rhinebeck.  Really great food and drink!  Of course they serve food from the local area. I ordered the scallops and they were amazing!  Whipped potatoes, shaved brussel sprouts and a mushroom garlic puree type sauce!  All the dishes came with a lamb stroganoff couscous which I have never tried but loved!  I licked my plate clean! (ok not really, I was in a public place)

I also, got to spend some time with Caiden on his birthday!  He turned one this year and is the cutest little one year old ever!  He is walking and running on his own and is the most carefree happy little baby I’ve ever seen!  Me and my mom made Lemon Graham Cracker Cupcakes (well she made, I licked the batter) and decorated one for Caiden.  It was nice catching up with friends even if only for a short time!  

Went to see Jennifer Muller/The Works ( at Kaatsbaan on Saturday night.  Loved some of it, disliked some of it.  Had a dancer crush on one of the girls in the company.  My favorite piece was called SPAM, which made most people think of e-mail and me think of food of course!  Overall not bad, I think I just expect a lot from “professional” dancers.  I volunteered to serve coffee and desserts to artsy people all night and I get to see the show for free, pretty good deal, I’m not complaining.

Sunday was our day of rest, we went to church, I went for a run and my mom gardened all day.  So much for rest.  We made these delicious drinks called Golden Blossoms which were just wonderful.  A frozen slushy mix of sugar and limoncello, with elderberry liqueur and prosecco poured over top.  Is your mouth watering yet?  I let my mom use me as her guinea pig for her kinesio taping (It’s and OT thing).  I have a lot of problems so I am a pretty good guinea pig!   My right leg is covered in blue and black tape!!  Drinking and kinesio taping maybe not such a good mix?  Just a joke.

My mom made my favorite dinner of Pork chops, mushrooms in red wine sauce and artichokes dipped in butter!  Delicious!  We ended the night with a little Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.  Now, I have read the first book and I know that the movies are never as good, but this did not even rate close.  So many details missing that I think if I did not read the book I would have been lost.  It wasn’t my favorite, I don’t recommend.

It was such a great weekend and so nice to have some “girl time” with my mom! I was sad to go but I have a life to live you know??