Post Nemo Sights

I know it’s been awhile, but this will just be a quick post (or will it?)

I hope you all managed okay with the storm and definitely hope you got to stock up on your junk food and booze.  I know how horrible it can be to be stuck inside all night without 25lbs of cookies/chips/chocolate. 

This is funny.  Watch it.


Today was such a beautiful day I decided to venture out into the snow for a long walk.  Since we live so close to such an amazing park I thought it would be crazy to miss out on all of this snow.


But first I decided to scrape off our car and see how she was doing.


(Not too bad.)

Just so you all know igloves (special gloves to use when you are on your phone and it’s cold) are not very useful for cleaning off your car.  I may have lost a few fingers.  No big deal.  Some creepy guys stopped by and offered to help shovel me out but I politely didn’t want to pay them said no thank you.  I’m sure I may regret this on Monday.

After about an hour of cleaning off the car (j/k it was only about half) I finally got walking.  It literally was so beautiful out.  I wish J was here with me to witness it.2013-02-09_15-36-41_205edit2013-02-09_15-11-09_894carl

We are so lucky to live where we live.


And I am so lucky that I had 2 older brothers who taught me not to eat the yellow snow.  I only remember because of the song. So lucky.


There were a million people out sledding and just walking and snowmen everywhere.  And someone made this…


I’m also lucky that I am not running at the moment because I probably would’ve tried to go today and fell on my butt.  More than once.  Still, it was a pretty great day.


So if anyone would like to, you know, come and shovel the car out (for free) I won’t stop you. In the meantime I will be enjoying the rest of my weekend trying to rest up so I can harass teach the kiddos on Monday. And catching up on my PLL. If you don’t know what that is it’s probably a good thing.

And I am still waiting for someone to bring me a pound of swedish fish.




Christmas at the Lake

It’s been awhile and I thought that Christmas would be a good place to recap.  This year was a pretty good Christmas.

Me and J spent the weekend having our own Christmas just the two of us before getting together with the family.  We celebrated on Sunday morning by opening our stockings in bed with coffee then the rest of our gifts after breakfast.


I’m not going to lie I really got the best present in the entire world.  Like literally.  The best.

Mostly all J got from me was clothes.  I know, so romantic. He tried to fool me by getting me a ton of little presents so I would think I wasn’t getting much, but it didn’t work because I loved everything! One of my favorites was a giraffe usb flash drive.  So cute.  But the best one of all was…..can you guess?…

IMG_20121224_162949How did you know?  I have seriously been wanting a Garmin 305 for ages and J got me the upgrade, a 410!  I know I haven’t been good enough to deserve it but for some reason J still loves me!  I couldn’t wait to take it for it’s first spin but since we were up at the Lake that night I didn’t get a chance for a run right away.  It had to be a walk.  I was a little bratty disappointed about it but so excited to use it! I even used my nike+ app to try and compare the two.  They were actually pretty off.  I’m not sure if it is because of the satellites and the gps in the mountains/trees.  But I took it for a 6.75 mile run on Christmas in the snow and it was wonderful!  They both lined up a little more that time.  I still have a lot to learn about it and syncing and all that but definitely the best present ever!

I spent a lot of the Sunday day baking and getting ready to have family Christmas up at the lake.  I haven’t really ever baked for Christmas before (without my mom) so it was stressful fun to do it this year.  I mostly made a lot of candy because that is the least time consuming and what I like best (obviously).  My favorite is the peanut brittle!collage

There was so much that I wanted to make and didn’t get a chance to!  Maybe next year.  We drove Sunday night so that we were there for Christmas Eve.  We had a “relaxing” day and then went to mass that night.  On Christmas I went for my run and then the rest of the family arrived that afternoon. We opened our gifts with some wine and cheese before we ate dinner.collagetree

I definitely got all of the best gifts this year.  So much running/gym gear it makes a girl wanna work out more.  Or just hang out on the couch eating chocolate in all my comfy workout clothes.

Honestly though, the best part of Christmas was just hanging out with everyone, telling that’s what she said jokes, being funny, drinking wine, playing Uno and hanging out by the best fire ever woodstove.  Big shout out to my mom and dad for letting us hang out with them at their awesome lake house, and to my mom for making such amazing food for us to eat!


Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!


Peanut Butter Overload? Impossible.

I basically had the most amazing weekend.  Thursday, was hanging time with the rents while they checked out our new place, ate some of my zucchini coconut bread and then we drove them to the airport for their 40th Anniversary trip!  Yay for 40 years.  I am extremely jealous, but figure they deserve it.  Plus, J promised to take me somewhere really awesome when we have ours! {Hint: Greece would be nice.  End Hint.}

This also arrived..


We finally have a little place to eat dinner!  {It opens out on both sides to make a round table!}  It’s perfect for our apartment and I am so lucky that I have a handy man to put things together and fix things for me.


I have been taking a rest from running lately and have been doing more strength training or just long walks.  Friday was a rest day and me and J went for a walk running errands and around the park.


He went home to get ready for work and I continued on to do about 5.3 miles. But a nice pace. Some views..







Then I cam home made some Zucchini Chips and dinner.  They were burnt, but better that way.  Some of my eats..

PicMonkey Collage

Saturday we ran some errands for some special baking that I wanted to do, went for a walk and J went to do more work while I drove up to my parents for the weekend.  We had plans to get some more things from storage, put some back in, and hang out with some friends of ours to celebrate their recent engagement.

I got to my parents and took advantage of the neighborhood {not city} environment to go for a run.  I don’t usually try to go for speed in my runs, it is more about just running and how I feel but this time I figured since I had the opportunity of flatter ground to see if I could make it faster.  I did 6.3 miles at an average pace of 8.12.  Not too bad since I have been running slower lately. 

IMG_20120812_003846I got back and started my baking!  It was nice to be able to bake in a bigger kitchen.  And not so hot.  I made some Nutella Brownies from Hungry Meets Healthy.  I only made four of these because I was more excited about the other goodies and did not want to go too overboard.

These weren’t so bad. But not my favorite.  Nutella is difficult to work with!

Then I moved onto some Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cupcakes with peanut butter frosting!!  They were as good as they sound don’t you worry.  I wanted to bake cupcakes for my friends who just got engaged so these sounded perfect.  I got the recipe from Sweet Tooth Sweet Life.  Amazing!!




So.. you mix it up and then pop the Reese’s peanut butter cups in the center so they get all melty! Is melty not a word? Yes.. its ridiculously, amazingly, wonderfully good!

Next you make the frosting!  I wasn’t sure how this was going to go since I’m not really a baker,  but I figured I would try it.  And thank God I did! 






It is literally the best frosting I’ve ever tasted.  I halved the recipe so I actually ended up having to make a little more for the last few cupcakes.  I made fifteen total! We had some left over frosting which was pretty great because you can dip anything into it! Anything.




To complete the cupcakes you add some extra Reese’s on top! I really thought I would be peanut buttered out.  But I guess that isn’t possible.


{They look like little bowties!}

We didn’t end up seeing my friends so unfortunately we were stuck with all of these fantastic cupcakes to ourselves.  Sadface.  Notreally. Oh, and some champagne.  So instead we celebrated ourselves {because we are pretty awesome} with champagne, frozen pizza and PB cup chocolate cupcakes!  It was actually pretty wonderful!



So all in all the weekend was great!  Me and the Hubbso had some really great quality time together, we ate lots of cupcakes and sugar, watched the ending ceremonies of the olympics and some of the meteor shower! Lucky we were upstate! QT time well spent.

Oh and last night we went for a jog together.  It was weird but wonderful.  See, I can share.



Weekend Antics.

Just to warn you, this is a long post.  And about halfway through I lost it all, threw a little temper tantrum and then started all over again. Life is tough. Hopeful I learn from my mistakes..

This weekend was a little bit of a crazy one.  We met up with friends ate/drank a ton and explored different places in Manhattan.  All in all it was pretty amazing.  Sunday was a day of husband/wifeness.  Is that not a thing?!  We had a lazy morning and then decided to walk the High Line Park and see where the day took us. It was an amazing day of just wandering.  Get ready for an overabundance of pictures..


{That’s the New Yorker in the background}

The High Line is just beautiful and they have done an amazing job with it.  There are flowers everywhere and patches of grass to picnic on.


There was a zoo in the middle.


{You didn’t think I meant a real zoo did you?!}

Amazing art.


SO beautiful!  I found this restaurant while we were walking along that looked amazing! It’s called The Artichoke Basille’s Pizza.  Artichokes and Pizza?!  You know I can’t say no to that.


But no, we did not eat there.  Maybe someday.  Although, unfortunately, they do not deliver to Washington Heights.  I checked.

After walking the whole High Line we wandered around the Meat Packing District for awhile and then towards Chelsea where we found this…


YES!  I have been excited about this for ages!  We finally got to go!

It’s really nice inside, all brick which I love!


And there was so much goodness everywhere!!!!  So much temptation it was hard to say no.  There were cupcake shops and bakeries and gelato oh my!  It was pretty much like heaven! We walked through a really cool place called the Fat Witch Bakery.  They bake all kinds of brownie-esque goodies which are named witches, and being the lover of Halloween that I am, I thought it was pretty awesome!

We tried some fantastic brie that melted in our mouths like butter and some cookie butter which was also pretty great.  Luckily, we managed to get out without gaining twelve pounds.

After the market we were pretty hungry and decided to find dinner.  On our walk we noticed some pretty funny places.


{I took this one for my Dad, but I thought it was cute.  Right next door was Tea & Sympathy and Carry On Tea & Sympathy.}

We found a place doing happy hour and early diner deals so we stopped there.  J had some sort of chicken over mashed parsnips, while I ate a sea bass.  The food was pretty good but the atmosphere not so much.  Overall, it was an okay place.


{Why so serious J?}

After dinner we planned to see a movie in Union Square so we found a Duane Reade to stock up on supplies.  Water, Swedish Fish, Riesins, Jelly Bellies.  You know, the usual.  Can’t watch a movie without popcorn.  We decided to see the Dark Knight Rises and I liked it.  I think J is pretty lucky that I always want to see boy movies.  I CANNOT WAIT until the new Bourne movie comes out.  I’m in love with Jeremy Renner. What?  Who said that?

Continuing our weekend into Monday night we met up with one of J’s old friends from ships that he hasn’t seen for 5 years!  It was a blast!  I enjoyed meeting her after so long.


We hit up the infamous Blockheads for some Mexican food and Red Nose Bulldogs (you have to experience to understand).  Amazing.  Moved on our usual route to the Pig and Whistle for some beers and we ended up being out so late we had to make a stop at ahemmcdonaldsmhm. What?



Anyway, we had an amazing weekend!  But now I have to recover.