The HubstAR wanted to know where the picture of his trout dinner was…. BAM.


J Let me have this..

J let me have this and even hung it in our bathroom. He really loves me.
Our apartment is definitely coming along.
Today i was a little bit Susie homemaker making dinner folding laundry etc.. While J did manly husband things like hang things and screw holes in the wall.
We pigged out on everything because we deserved it. We have man flu.


Today turned into a beautiful day after all of the rain, so while my husband and mother in law watched Andy Murray win the tennis, I went out for an early evening run around Wimbledon common! We’ve had a bunch of sunny spells since we’ve been staying in Wimbledon it’s been great and I have been taking advantage! I tried to make it a short run since we are going out tonight for our friend Claire’s birthday! 5.25 miles to burn off all that chocolate and cake I’ve been eating… I don’t think it’s worked.