Great Day.

Today turned out to be such a good day!  Since J and I have been sick we haven’t been getting much sleep and we had a long sleep in today.  I basically woke up had my coffee and then went out to meet my BFF Kim in Times Square!  I haven’t seen her in awhile so it was great to catch up and have girl time. It was supposed to rain and thunderstorm all day, but it was hot and sunny!!  We had lunch, went walking lots around the city, stopped for a cool iced coffee (at DD of course) walked some more, and went purse shopping (don’t tell).


I bought this!  Cute right?

Afterwards, I went home and decided since it was so nice out to go for a run outside finally!  It has been 3 days since I have run and we have been pigging out like crazy using the excuse that we are sick.

Some examples of our gluttony.  Or should I say MY gluttony.  Yes, I did eat that whole pizza myself. 

SO I had a kind bar and I went running. I wanted to do a really long one until I got to about 5 miles and my foot died.  I had to basically walk run the rest of the way for a 6.5 miler.  Not the greatest.  I came home and put on the Olympic Opening Ceremonies!  I did some plank and side plank and stretched a little while I watched. I made some broccoli/onion omelette for dinner and had one of my favorite things… frozen grapes!

Yum!  Watched some more olympics, had some chocolate and waited for my hubby to come home!  Oh did I mention I came home to these tonight…

Amazing right?!


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