Tour de Inwood.

Yesterday had been another REALLY long day.  To wind down, we went exploring our new neighborhood.  We stopped here…

Mamajuana Cafe

The food is amazing! J ordered the Pollo stuffed with Chorizo with a side of Yautia mash.  It was purple. I wish I had taken a picture. I ordered the Sea Bass in a lemony, garlicy, lobstery sauce. Yes, those are the technical culinary terms. It was amazing and came with a side of my favorite veggies: Peppers, onions and summer squash!  Oh and peas. I did not add them because they are not my favorite. We also had a bottle of the

yum. For dessert James had the creme brulee and I ate a warm flour-less chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream on top.  Ever since my mother in law (who eats gluten free) made this amazing flour-less chocolate cake in London, I have been hooked.  Chocolate/dessert is a new obsession that I really could have done without.  

So we finished off dessert and headed off for home.  As we walked we stopped by Corcho Wine Room (just to check out the menu).  We ended up staying for some port and this happened…

oops.  That was a warm brownie/cheesecake infusion with vanilla ice cream on top.  It was more of just a warm brownie… but still delicious. Our second dessert.  I can’t believe that happened.  No, I can.  

So we realized that our new neighborhood has some amazing bars and restaurants and cannot wait to check out some more.  Corcho also has brunch on Saturdays and Sundays that sounds amazing. Bottomless Mimosas and Sangria for 10.99.  We will have to check that out!


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