Our New Park.

Tonight to get away from all the chaos/stress/unpacking in our apartment we went for a walk in the park that is right across the street from our building.

It’s called Fort Tryon and inside are the Cloisters. We haven’t been yet, may go with my mom sometime soon! We did a few laps inside and out of the park.  It’s pretty hilly and beautiful.  There is so much to see I get lost every time!  I definitely need J there with me to show me the way.

View number one!

(view number two)

We had to stop and take a break to practise some yoga poses.  On a bench.

We needed this timeout from all of the busy craziness we have been having.  It felt good.  After, we came home and had some more subway sandwiches (we also had for lunch today and for dinner yesterday)  THANKS MOM AND DAD!  We have been too tired to do anything and it is especially too hot to cook!  I froze some of my favorite flavor of #chobani….

Pomegranate!  I put them in our ice cube trays and we had some delicious Greek fro-yo for dessert!

Yum!  What’s your favorite Chobani flavor?!


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