Roaches out, Barr’s In

Sorry it has been a long time but it has been such an insane whirlwind of craziness here since we’ve been back from London.  And we have no internet yet! (I know, it’s the end of the world!)

We moved some of our stuff into our new apartment and are planning to move the rest this weekend with help from my parents and some other friends. The night we got in we found little cockroaches everywhere!  They were coming from a new refrigerator that we just had put in.  So after arriving at 3 in the morning we were so lucky to have to deal with cockroaches instead of our jet lag.  After a couple hours of sleep we went up north to my parents to stay there, get our car and some more things for our apartment, while keeping a safe distance from the roaches.  Now that we are back and have a different fridge, had an exterminator come in we still have some but they are dying off.  I am beginning to really enjoy the smell of raid.

On another note, I took 4 days off from running after our trip because my feet/legs/ankles were killing me and I think I needed it.  I was back at it Thursday, but still not sure I have recovered.  Yesterday, sticking with the theme different exercise, I went back to the bike!  I am still attempting to rest my poor little feet.  So I biked 9.4 miles I 32 minutes.  I wasn’t planning on going that long but I just got into and couldn’t stop.  Kind of like I do with running.  After I did some weights (chest/tri’s/abs).  It was a pretty busy day otherwise, me and J were running around the city for most of the morning and then I did a lot of errands/walking/cleaning. 

Oh and Hey, check out my new sneaks…

Im sure that the apartment will be great once we have all of our things inside and it begins to feel more like our home (And when we make our London/New York room). J is already starting his dueling and solo gigs, which me and the family will go see tonight in between moving furniture!  I am really excited to finally move in everything this weekend and get started on our life here in New York!  Oh and this is a nice thought that we get to read on the sidewalk en route to the gym everyday..

On with the packing/unpacking…


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