Saying goodbye

We have had such a crazy busy time here in London and now it has come to that time, time to go home. #sad face.  Here’s a quick recap of our second week in London! (okay maybe not so quick, sorry for all of the pictures)

We stayed in Wimbledon for the week and had a really nice day on Wednesday full of sunshine and tennis!  Yes, we made it to Wimbledon and got court 1 tickets!

(no not centre court, we weren’t THAT lucky)

4th of July!  My mother-in-law was kind enough to throw a 4th of July BBQ for the American in London!  We had family over and it was a great party with lots of red, white and blue!  I had to refuse the Union Jack hat on this occasion.  

This weekend was full of parties, good food, friends and family.  I got to spend more time with my new favorite niece, more snuggles with her because we won’t get to see her again until January :(.  She is absolutely beautiful!  We also had some time with Manny who is growing so quickly.

(Manny and Emilia made friends!  They are adorable!)

Saturday night we went to the Ealing Cricket Club Summer Ball which was so much fun!!  I got to dress up and attempt to act classy for a night!  I even did my own hair for the occasion!  

There was a twenty course meal (exaggeration) lots of drinks and dancing!  Afterwards my father-in-law gave me a nice lesson on brandy!  That was fun! I do enjoy some Remy XO.

Don’t we clean up nice?!

(I took a picture of the picture so please excuse the quality)

We were able to do so many things this visit and see so many people it was great but a little exhausting! There will be lots of working out when we get back to make up for all the wonderful food/desserts and chocolates that we ate over the two week period.  We are very excited to get back though and start moving in to our new place in the city!!  Straight on to the busy, busy, busy and real life!


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