It’s like picking up trash in dresses…

My life is one big crazy mess right now…  I have decided that I am going to try to just love it!  I get to be all over the place, exactly how I wanted.  This month I have less than 2 weeks and then I am off to Boston for a weekend of dancing!  After that I am leaving to go to London to visit my hubby for about 10 days.  I come back in time for one of my oldest friends weddings and then I am off for rehearsals in Myrtle beach! Sometime at the end of October I fly to Niagara Falls, Canada for showtime!!!  Dancing Queen and a Christmas show!  I was starting to feel a little stressed about packing and running around all over the place and living out of a suitcase, but then I realized I like being busy!  and I like traveling.  This is what I want, to be constantly going!  And I will be performing regularly again!  I honestly can’t wait for that!  So I am happy.  Even though I am away from my husband and unsure of when we will be together again for good, I am happy with my semi chaotic life….


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